Simon Crone
Commercial Director, Europe

Simon is Chief Underwriting Officer of Mortgage & Special Risks where he is responsible for all existing commercial relationships and business development. Simon has held a variety of roles within the Company including VP Loss Mitigation, Operations Director and Quality Leader. Simon joined the Company in Australia and also worked for GE Life, UK in various Six Sigma Black Belt and IT roles. Simon holds a Masters Degree in Engineering.

Bill Drury
Head of Underwriting & Claims, Europe

Bill is the Underwriting & Claims Leader covering all of our European platforms. He is responsible for our underwriting and claim processes as well as managing the Credit Policy and underwriting controls. Bill has been with the company since January 1999 and has held a number of different roles, initially starting as an Underwriter before moving into Audit and subsequently to Credit Policy. Prior to working for the Company, Bill worked for the Leeds Permanent/Halifax for 11 years with the majority of this time being involved in mortgage lending. His experience there ranged from working in a branch to heading up a mortgage processing unit.